The Best Joystick For Fsx

Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller

Do you want to know what the best joystick for Fsx is? If you answered yes, then continue to read the rest of this article, as we will tell you which one is the best pc, flight sim, hotas, force feedback, usb joystick for fsx in 2014

The Saitek X52 Pro
One of the best joysticks is the Saitek X52 Pro. The custom macros is one of the reasons why this specific joystick is great for Fsx. Sure, it might take you more time than you care for when it comes to setting up the buttons, but it is relatively easy to do. Also, you will love the overall setup of the joystick (the initial setup), but you can always switch it up to your liking. Asides from the custom macros, there are other features that make this joystick the best one for Fsx, such as:

A Display That Is Multi-Functional
The Saitek X52 Pro has a display that is multi-functional. The display allows you to information about game play, all in real time. You can even program the switches, buttons and even the controls, which is very cool and useful. The cool thing about this is that the data for the display comes right from the game.

It Is Smooth, As Well As Tight
The fact that the flight stick is smooth and tight should be enough reason to use it for Fsx. When you use this joystick, you will notice just how smooth and tight it is during action, as it provides you with accurate control. This also means that after a few months of using it, it should still work just as good as when you first started using it.

As for the number of buttons it has, that would be four. Not only that, but you will be pleased to know that there is even a missile launcher, which features a safety cover. This means you have quick access to it.

Great Throttle Tension
Just when you think this joystick couldn’t get any better, it does. That’s because of the throttle tension, which you can easily adjust to individual settings. The built-in button that allows you to view the scroll wheel is cool too, and so are the other features, such as the two rotary controls and the slider control. In other words, the throttle tension is awesome, and is one of the best things about this specific joystick.

There are many good joysticks for Fsx, but they are not all created equal, as some have better features than others, and some are just built to last. If you are serious about using the best joystick for Fsx, then you should consider getting the Saitek X52 Pro joystick. This joystick is everything a good joystick should be, and it will enhance your experience with Fsx. Get it today and find out for yourself why it is a great joystick. Also, one more thing we forgot to mention is the price. The Saitek X52 Pro joystick is a high quality product, but it is not overpriced, so pick one up as soon as possible.